Xee 1edit

Xee as she first appears.

Xee is a resourceful and solitary Crescent Wrenchtool who first debuted in the episode of the same name and later became another member of the main group.


Xee reminds Revvit of his days as a wanderer, and is highly resourceful and brave, always ready to help a friend.


  • Dispite being a crescent wrenchtool, she is more rounded and flexible, with a tail more like that of a socket wrench, with special bits to match.
  • She used to think that Pteracopters were showoffs who don't rescue their friends (due to an accident she witnessed or became involved in), and as such, hated anything involed with them. However, she changed her view on some of them after seeing Flapjaw saving Revvit from a Dyscrapadon.