Ty and Revvit is an episode in which a T-Trux makes friends with a Reptool and the two, along with the help of other Dinotrux, stand up to the evil D-Structs. (Warning: Unfinished.)

Storyline Edit

The scene starts with a tour of the Mechazoic, then inside a dark cave, where two eyes open. Some Dozeratops and some Craneosaurs come up to the cave, then panic and run away when the T-Trux comes out and roars at them, although it turns out he was only yawning. The T-Trux then comes out of his cave and scratches himself before going off for breakfast. He throws aside a few rocks before finding his preferred food, ore. He starts eating. Suddenly there is a loud rumbling noise. The T-Trux stops for a moment. Then he keeps eating. Then he hears the noise again. This time he knows he heard something. He looks toward the source of the sound and sees an erupting volcano. The other Trux see it too, and run for it. The T-Trux runs too, dodging explosions; and in the run, he sees a group of Ankylodumps ahead; as the adults rush ahead, they leave their hatchling behind. The T-Trux sees, picks up the hatchling, and deposits him in one of the adult's beds, but then an explosion separates them. The T-Trux runs for his life, then looks back sorrowfully. But then a boulder comes flying through the sky and knocks him out. With a broken tread, he wandered about, day and night. Once he thought he smelled ore, and tried to dig for it, although that search turned up empty. So he continued to wander. Eventually, he came across a perfect landscape of trees, pond, and rocks. He scared away some Stegarbasaurs and began to eat. Meanwhile, a Reptool came out from behind the rocks. He scampered around a bit before seeing the T-Trux eating. The sight scared him but then he saw a little piece of ore, just for him. (Warning: The Dinotrux episodes become more storylike from now on.) The Reptool crawled under the rocks, but then some Craneosaurs came out and, startled by the T-Trux eating ore, fled. The Reptool ran and skated around them, until he got to the piece of ore, then looked up at the huge T-Trux right beside him. It somehow came to him that he needed to get this ore piece away quickly. So he pushed on it. Nothing happened. Then he took a running start and drilled at it. That made it worse because it fell on him. He got up. Then he drilled at it again. That worked. Then he started moving it. But he wasn't quick enough. The T-Trux spotted him. Then the Reptool looked around. "Hey." The Reptool ran away and hid. "Uh," said the T-Trux, "I think you forgot something." The Reptool dared to come out of his hiding place. "Me?" "Yeah, you."