Reptools, or just Tools for short are creatures that are part smaller reptile and part utility device. Unlike most Dinotrux, members of different subspecies end up interacting with each other on an almost regular basis. Though they might sometimes be envious of their larger counterparts, they can still do certain tasks bigger creatures like them would otherwise be unable to do, and many are skilled builders.

Known Species of ToolsEdit

  • Rotilian Reptools, which are part Chamaeleonidae and part rotary power drill and tape measure.
  • Wrenchtools, which are part Urodela and part crescent or pipe wrench.
    • Hex Wrenchtools, which are part Pleurodelinae and part hex key or Allen wrench.
  • Scraptools, which are part Lacertilia and part switchblade, folding pocketknife and blowtorch.
  • Tortools, which are part Testudines or Testudinidae and part buffer, automobile jack and paint sprayer.
  • Towaconstrictors, which are part Serpentes and part tow cable.
  • Slamtools, which are part Lacertilia and part claw hammer.
  • Junktools, which are part Compsognathus and part needle-nosed pliers.