Ty Rux offical poster

Ty Rux's official poster.

D-Structs offical poster

D-Structs's official poster.

Tyrannosaurus Trux, or simply T-Trux, are a species of Dinotrux which are generally known for being violent and territorial.


Physical DescriptionEdit

T-Trux are bipedal Dinotrux that stand on two large treads. They have cranes for tails tipped with wrecking balls which balance out long torsos with two small three-fingered arms. They have large shovel jaws with an underbite and two headlight eyes. Unlike most Dinotrux, both the color and construction of a T-Trux can vary considerably depending on the individual.


Most T-Trux are highly territorial, leading to many other Dinotrux being scared of or resentful towards them. They battle primarily with their wrecking ball tails and hunt for ore primarily with their jaws, bashing their enemies around or digging into the ground with a bite. However, the only kind and friendly T-Trux is Ty Rux, though other T-Trux like D-Structs view this behavior as a weakness and use intimidation to control a territory for themselves, disliking sharing with others of their kind.

Notable T-TruxEdit


  • While T-Trux are naturally destructive and aggressive, very few members are friendly and social.
    • T-Trux are viewed as bullies, monsters and thieves by the other Dinotrux.
    • Ty Rux gives an alternative view for the other Trux and is the only T-Trux to be a good guy so far.

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