Splitter the Sawmetradon

Splitter as he first fully appeared in his debut episode.

Splitter is one of the most aggressive Sawmetradons and wants all the ore in the forest. He is hostile, stubborn, greedy, cruel and prone to violent outbursts towards anyone. Even T-Truxes and other Dinotrux are regular nuisances if they are in his way, and he is obviously also arrogant. He doesn't like anyone and has a borderline rivalry with Blayde, though D-Structs keeps him and the Eodozeratops in line and promised to let him have the forest if he helps him get rid of Ty Rux and his friends.
  • Splitter showing his stubbornness.
  • Splitter vs Ty Rux.
  • Splitter warning the good group.
  • Splitter cutting down trees again.
  • Splitter sleeping in the cut-down forest.
  • Splitter vs Ty again.
  • Splitter defeated and refusing the other Trux's friendship.
  • Splitter angry and eager for revenge.


  • Splitter is the only non-dinosaur of the evil group, not counting Skrap-It.
  • He and Blayde have a deep-seated rivalry towards each other.
    • Thus, he is the only one with no true rival among Ty and his friends, although in "Bridge" he is seen fighting Ton-Ton, much to the Ankylodump's dismay.
  • Because of a battle that ended with them all getting kicked out of the crater, Splitter and the rest of D-Structs' gang left to go their own separate ways.

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