Shredadons are a species of Dinotrux generally known for being among the more violent and territorial of them all.


Shreddy the Shredadon


Physical DescriptionEdit

Shredadons are bipedal Dinotrux part shredder, part Baryonyx, standing on two large treads. They are one of the few species of Dinotrux to use their arms more often as most do or can. They have six aligned pistons on their backs that operate the saw function along with many grinding pieces and sections on its body. They also have a shear-like tail to grab, throw and cut objects such as scrap.


Shredadons are highly territorial, leading to many other Dinotrux being scared of them. They are one of the only Dinotrux species to eat scrap, though they produce shredded metal by ejecting it from the back of their heads; this can be used as a defensive mechanism. Their eyes change color in a way similar to a Pounder. They are one of few species that even Scraptors will not tussle with. If anger or threated, their will turn red and go berserk to chase away intruders. The angrier a Shredadon, the eyes will become more red.

However, one can actually earn the trust of a Shredadon, though this may prove itself a very difficult and dangerous task. Being a solitary species, the concept of friends is unknown to them and they are able to tell from friend or foe. Shredadon can share scraps with "friends" if its something of small pile or can't shred apart.

Notable ShredadonsEdit


  • A Shredadon's main appearance is based off of a Baryonyx or Suchomimus. But, colors of the Shredadons are similar to Jurassic World's Suchomimus. Shredadons are also based on Industrial Shredder.
  • They are first feral Dinotruxs capable of becoming good or bad by choice unlike the Scraptors. The only exception is bad or good Dinotrux.
  • Shredadon are also based on Industrial Shredder.