Scraptools are a species of Tools that are mostly concerned with finding scrap.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Scraptools look almost like Rotilian Reptools, except they have a rusty appearance and do not have bits but a tail appendage resembling a folding pocketknife or switchblade that they can retract at will and  and blowtorches they use to disassemble or put together things, Scraptools also have small hammers at the end of their tails that they could use to push in bolts or dent Trux, scraptools also have pincher like jaws they use to probaly carry bolts, scraptools also have metallic feat that allows them to sneak on truxs and take their scrap.


Most Scraptools have different personalities, but they all share the same goal of finding scrap to keep to themselves.

Notable ScraptoolsEdit


  • There hasn't been a female Scraptool yet in the series.