Scraptools are a species of Tools mostly concerned with finding scrap.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Scraptools look almost like Rotilian Reptools, except for a rusty appearance and a lack of bits, though in place of these they have a folding pocketknife or switchblade tail they can retract at will and blowtorches they use to disassemble or put things together. Scraptools also have small hammers at the end of their tails that they could use to push in bolts or put dents in Trux, pincer-like jaws they use to carry bolts or other items with and metallic feet that allow them to sneak up on Trux and take their parts.


Most Scraptools have different personalities, but they all share the same goal of finding scrap to keep to themselves. They also have a habit of normally quarreling when in large or small groups, though a leader can make themselves present among a particular band of Scraptools if they choose to. Alone, however, they become quite cowardly and non-confrontational when approached with a bigger challenge or obstacle without an advantage, even to the point of ironically begging for mercy.

Notable ScraptoolsEdit

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