Scrapadactyls offical poster

A Scrapadactyl.

Scrapadactyls are airborne flying creatures possibly related to the Dinotrux. They made their debut as the main antagonists of the episode of the same name.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Scrapadactyls are rusty-looking winged creatures with a medium-sized crest on their heads and long, curved and grooved beaks; this color scheme makes them all look identical to each other. They also have sharp talons for feet and mechanical electric-blue eyes.


Scrapadactyls, much like the ground-dwelling Scraptors and Scraptools, are used to picking up any scrap metal they spot, though they will also eat ore and Tools by mistaking the latter for stray metal, and with the scrap often being shiny-looking or the first piece they can see. Unlike the former species, they are not nocturnal and therefore active at night; it was accidentally revealed by Waldo that Scrapadactyls are drawn to low levels of light like the ones projected by Lightning Bitbugs, but it was also shown that too much light will drive them away.

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