Sawmetradons are a species of Dinotrux who are known for cutting down forests.

Splitter the Sawmetradon

Splitter the Sawmetradon


Physical DescriptionEdit

Sawmetradons are quadrupedal Dinotrux that move around on four treaded feet with claws. They have sharp jaws, two headlight eyes, and a large rotating saw blade on their back with two smaller saws on each side of their body. Behind the larger saw is a gap that can be accessed by small creatures such as Tools, and beyond this is a series of rotating cylinders and belts that help run the Sawmetradon's inner workings; however, this is their greatest weakness, as their blades connect through these mechanisms, which makes them able to be jammed with a hard, sturdy object like a bolt.


Like some Dinotrux, Sawmetradons travel alone rather than in herds, and as revealed by Revvit, they use the method of deforestation to uncover ore that might be nearby, which can be dangerous for any forest inhabitants, including Rotilian Reptools who live in forest areas.


  • Sawmetradons are actually part pelycosaur synapsid, specifically a Dimetrodon, which was not a dinosaur.
  • They also resemble the Dimetrozord from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Notable SawmetradonsEdit

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