Rotilian Reptools, or just Rotilians are Tools that are among the most well-known of their kind.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Rotilian Reptools are quadrupedal mechanical iguana-like lizards with tongues resembling tape measures that can lash out of their mouths and retractable tool bits that stick out of their heads and backs when they are fully grown. They also have three-toed feet that they move around on and use to push and hold things when building; these appendages have metal spheres on the soles that can be used for faster travel, and among other features, their tails double as airbrushes that can blow debris and other lightweight things away, eject Lightning Bitbugs or hold one of their bits. Despite generally being the same in appearance, the colors and tool bits they have vary considerably for each individual.


Like most Tools, Rotilians are used to hiding and waiting for the right chance to collect ore and other necessities, but they are unique in the fact that they can convert Bitbugs into parts such as screws, nuts and bolts for them to use. There is even a variant group called Woodland Reptools that live in forests, though this makes them vulnerable to being targets of predators such as Sawmetradons, Dinotrux who cut down forests to expose nearby ore.

Notable Rotilian ReptoolsEdit

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