Revvit, sometimes called Rev for short, is a highly intelligent Rotilian Reptool who is Ty Rux's best friend. He once claimed to have lived a full life of constantly wandering outside of his home ravine before meeting his new friend, although this involved getting tied to the back of a Scraptor and almost being flattened by a herd of Rollodon. Initially, he was dumbfounded at the idea of different species of Dinotrux and Reptools working together to stand their ground against those such as D-Structs, but he eventually came to acknowledge and understand the T-Trux's beliefs and ideals. He and Ty have a habit of doing a "tail bump" whenever they help come up with a great idea they agree on, something the Reptool noticed was unusual about him in the beginning.

Rev usually provide creative ideas for constructing stone and metallic structures. Like all Rotilian Reptools, his feet are each outfitted with a magnetic sphere for faster movement.