Reptools, or simply known as Tools are creatures that are part reptile or amphibian and part tool. Unlike Dinotrux, they interact with different subspecies very often; they are actually somewhat envious of their larger counterparts, but despite this they can accomplish tasks bigger creatures like them would otherwise be unable to do, and many are skilled engineers and builders.

Known Species of ToolsEdit

  • Rotilian Reptools, which are part Chamaeleonidae and part screwdriver, electric rotary drill and tape measure.
  • Wrenchtools, which are part Urodela and part pipe or crescent wrench.
    • Hex Wrenchtools, which are part Pleurodelinae and part hex key Allen wrench.
  • Scraptools, which are part lizard and part Leatherman tool, welding torch and pocket knife.
  • Tortools, which are part Testudinatan, Testudinidae or terrapin and part buffers, automobile jack and paint sprayer.
  • Towaconstrictors, which are part Serpentes and part towline chain.
  • Slamtools, which are part lizard and part claw hammer.
  • Picktools, which are part lizard and part ice pick.
  • Junktools, which are part Compsognathus and part needle-nosed pliers.

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