Pteracopters are a flying species of Dinotrux.


The Pteracopters' official poster.

Biology Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

A Pteracopter consists of two short feet with fins on them, a long, thin body, two large wings with claws and fold-up rotors, a head with a crest, and their framework is probably hollow. The Pteracopters in Pteracopters and Picktools each have different crests, so all Pteracopters may have unique crests used for identifying each other. They likely eat ore. They rarely land on the ground, preferring to be up in the air. They only land if they have to.

Pteracopter flocksEdit

Each and every Pteracopter lives in a group, or flock, and has an important role to play. The roles are:


As their name suggests, are the top order of the flock. They decide where the flock is to go next, but not what it is to do next. However, in battle, they fight alongside the others, and hand the top role to the navigators (see below).


They are a step down from the leading role, and a step up in work. They are the actual hard workers of the flock, calculating distances, coordinates, and flying, all at the same time. This job gets even harder when they're asked to take over for the leader.

Notable PteracoptersEdit


  • Pteracopters' biggest fear may be the Stealth Scrapadactyls, as they can fly and are stealthy.
    • They also find Dyscrapadons to be threatening only in numbers, as Flapjaw was calm when there was one baby on him, only to panick when he was informed that there were more.
  • The minimum number of Pteracopters in one flock is four: One leader, one navigator, and two regular members.
  • Pteracopters are not to be confused with Scrapadactyls, as the trivia note above clearly stated that their biggest fear is Stealth Scrapadactyls. For further evidence, the Pteracopters in Pteracopters and Picktools were seen fighting off Stealth Scrapadactyls.