Pounder the Poundersaurolophus

Pounder the Poundersaurolophus.

Poundersaurolophuses, or simply known as Pounders are a species of Dinotrux known for pounding almost everyone and everything they come across. One particular Poundersaurolophus made his debut in the episode titled after the nickname of his species and was named as such.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Pounders are bipedal Dinotrux with three grooved wheels arranged in a pyramid formation on each foot and small retractable claws on their tails which they can use to grab objects or enemies. Their necks are relatively thin and long in relation to their torso, which is slightly chunky. Size-wise, Pounders are just a bit smaller than a T-Trux. A Pounder’s most notable distinguishing feature is their large crest-shaped head built like a pile driver’s hammer at the top of their small-handed torsos which can be extended at extremely high speeds to smash objects or enemies.


Pounders travel and live alone with many other Dinotrux avoiding them at all costs, even if that means abandoning their homes and finding new ones. They also move very fast, seemingly being in one place at one time and then in another the next. They are also notorious for causing destruction and harm wherever they may go; according to Skya's knowledge from her encounter with one that drove her herd away, "once a Pounder moves in, nobody stays". Pounders are aggressive and sometimes violent due to their desire to pound everyone and everything in sight. However, D-Structs was able to form an alliance with one Pounder and make him part of his team, so it is likely that Pounders can work with other Dinotrux so long as both sides benefit from the partnership.



  • They are more hostile and aggressive than their real life counterpart, the Parasaurolophus.
  • Only one Pounder is actually seen, and is dubbed by his species nickname.
  • Theoretically one could "outpound a Pounder", but only if they were persistent enough to severely injure it.
  • It is unknown if Pounders are capable of speaking the normal Dinotrux and Reptool language as except for clicking noises he makes occasionally, Pounder never does speak. Pounder might appear in Dinotrux Supercharged season 4.