Ore is, as the name says, a type of ore that serves as the main food for most species of dinotrux / tool. It can be easily found by the head of a T-trux and is "buried" in layers close to the surface.

Types of Ore:

  • Metal ore (The most commonly found type of ore)
  • Speckled ore (A type of ore which causes Trux and Tools alike to backfire, with much more powerful results for the latter
  • Volcanic Ore (A delicious type of ore made possibly by intense heat, irresistable by some Trux, and cleverly used as bait by Desert Scraptors)
  • Meteorite ore (An ore similar in taste to volcanic ore, but comes down to earth in the form of meteorites)
  • Green Ore (A delicious type of ore, it has bluish green spots and belongs to the Gluphosaur's)
  • Magnetic Ore (A rare and magnetic non-edible variation of Ore)
  • Arctic ore (Possibly?)


  • Salt can also be eaten by any type of Trux, but does not bring the same flavor or nutrients as regular ore.

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