Flynt the Hydrodon

Flynt the Hydrodon

Hydrodons are as far as we know, wanderers who prefer living alone. Yet sometimes they live in herds.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Hydrodons are quadrupedal Dinotrux with four treaded feet, water tank on their back, a water cannon in their head, ladder detailed necks, extendable water hose from their tails, two black nostrils,a small heads and two forward headlight eyes.


They are solitary Dinotrux with no fear against T-Trux and Scraptors, prefer being alone and known to be drifter, stubborn and somewhat brave during fights. But they do have common sense to retreat and are experts of fire fighting tactics. There are however, rare cases of Hydrodons who are skiddish if picked on long enough. Some Hydrodons do live in herds, providing more protection for the group.

Notable HydrodonsEdit


  • Despite Hydrodons being allegedly based Iguanodon, they actually resemble the classic depiction of Tsintaosaurus.
  • Its possible that Hydrodons are related to Cementasaurs, as their morphology is very similar between each other.


  • Flynt annoyed by Ty's determination for his help.
  • Flynt and Ty fighting Scraptors together.
  • Flynt the Hydrodon
  • Flynt listening to Ty's request to save his friends.
  • Flynt's hose tail.
  • Flynt's retractable hose tail.
  • Flynt shooting water at Scraptors.
  • Flynt returns to save Ty from D-Structs.
  • Flynt headbutting D-Struct.
  • Flynt shooting water at D-Structs.
  • Flynt putting out the fire ring.
  • Flynt saving Ty's friends.
  • Ty asking Flynt to join the group.
  • Ty asking for Flynt's help.
  • Flynt saying he will help his friends anytime they need him.