Goldtrux the Stegarbasaur

Goldtrux in his gold hideout.

Goldtrux is a Stegarbasaur who is obsessed with gold. Once a friend of Garby's, he was another friendly Stegarbasaur who simply loved finding rocks to eat. That is, until he discovered gold by eating a pile, after which he became obsessed with it losing his friendly nature. As he kept searching for more gold he rebuilt himself and had parts of his body encased in gold using Tools he kidnapped and dubbed himself "Goldtrux". Goldtrux desires to be a Dinotrux with all the gold he can find for himself.



  • Goldtrux is a Dinotrux villain with a unique theme.
  • He is a parody of Goldfinger, a James Bond villain.
  • Also, he is one of the only Dinotrux who nicknamed themselves; as such, his real name is unknown.