Biology: A flightless tool that resembles a bird. their sharp beaks have copper wiring infused into them to make them harsh on bite. their size is about 8 ft tall at full growth. these tools can glide through the air with thin areodynamic "feather" peices. gen tools bodys are blocky unlike their wings feathers and tails. the gen tools tail has positive and negative ends so if need be it can jumpstart any electrical outlet. shockarachnid wire is unable to harm a gen tool. Gen tools even can be carried by the exposable handle on their back

Model: Actuated neck, Sharp copper beak, Blocky generator body, Wiring tail, Thin, Areodynamic wing structure for gliding

Diet: Ore

Extra: Often help shock arachnids. Cannot jump start trux with Superchargers equipt. Cannot jump start reptools