Drillipedes are a dangerous and extremely rare subterranean species.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Drillipedes sport a tough exoskeleton which they occasionally shed as they grow larger and two pairs of mandibles: a normal pair for close-range combat and a pair of drills used for both battle and digging. They have six eyes, but they are very small and provide very poor vision much like that of Drillasaurs when aboveground; it is for this reason Drillipedes mostly rely on their keen sense of hearing to get around and detect potential enemies.


They spend their days digging tunnels underground, searching for ore and fighting for domination. As a species, Drillipedes are incredibly aggressive and territorial; should they encounter a competitor for food or turf, they will relentlessly attack their targets as a show of dominance. They normally do this with other Drillipedes but will just as easily pick a fight with literally anything else if they have to. However, if a Drillipede is defeated it will become more submissive towards the creature that bested it.