Mother Dreadtrux and her Egg

A female Dreadtrux with her egg.

Dreadtrux are a legendary species of Dinotrux.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Dreadtrux are quadrupedal Dinotrux that tower over every other creature they come across. They have a long neck like Craneosaurs, saw parts like Sawmetradons, and are rock-eaters like Stegarbasaurs and Cementasaurs. They have multiple tread-wheeled feet that they use to support themselves and for locomotion. But these wheels are their one weakness, as anything to unstable surfaces, to strong metal chains getting caught between the many rows of wheels are capable of knocking a Dreadtrux over.


They are rumored to hibernate for thousands of years, and once awakened, they destroy everything in their path and feed before returning to sleep again, though female Dreadtrux will search for their eggs if they cannot find them. they also seem to lack the ability to speak the common language that most other trux and tools speak.


  • as of season 5, Dreadtrux are understandably the biggest species seen in the series so far.
  • The legend of the Monstertrux might have originated from the Dreadtrux.
  • Judging by the faint glow emitting from their necks, Dreadtrux might naturally posses several Sparkbug superchargers to help power their massive bodies.
  • The Dreadtrux is obviously based on the massive sauropod; Dreadnaughtus, the biggest dinosaur (and land based animal) ever discovered.

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