Dozeratopses are a species of Dinotrux. They are very defensive and use their large shovel-blade frills to push things away.

Dozer the Dozeratop

Dozer the Dozeratops


Physical DescriptionEdit

Dozeratopses are quadrupedal Dinotrux that move around on four large treads. They have large shovel-blade frills and three horns on their face, short tails with a jackhammer at the tip, and they are usually a shade of yellow.


Dozeratopses usually live in herds, and use their large frills in defense or during a fight. They also use them to move rocks and other objects around when need be, they bury themselves in piles of dirt and rocks called "Mounds" as beds and hiding their ore. Only few members of this species are laidback like George and George's friends. But, mostly short-temper and stronger if anger enough.

Notable DozeratopsEdit

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