Desert Scraptors & Click Clack

A trio of Desert Scraptors & Click-Clack dressed as their alpha.

Desert Scraptors, sometimes called Sand Scraptors are Dinotrux that are horned desert-dwelling variants of regular Scraptors.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Desert Scraptors are the physically the same as their normal counterparts, but with more clawed feet, electric-yellow eyes and desert camouflage; other than their coloration and the fact that they have horns split into two, Desert Scraptors are just like regular ones.


They are obviously smarter than regular Scraptors since they build traps that are advanced, at least for a Scraptor; they even dig complex tunnels underground. Also, they have an alpha, the leader of the pack. One of their most well-known tactics is placing volcanic ore in deserted areas and waiting for any unsuspecting creatures to move by, and when this happens, through some sort of motion-detection, perhaps sensing vibrations the pack attacks whoever or whatever is nearby. Despite this, they also move around instead of just staying in one spot for very long. Revvit even commented on their ferocity when attacking as a result of living in an environment such as the desert.


Desert Scraptors follow Click Clack

The trio of Desert Scraptors following Click-Clack.

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