D-Structs is a black and grey T-Trux who hates Ty Rux and his friends, among other things such as Dragonflopters. Before he met Ty, he was responsible for turning Blayde, who was Dozer's best friend at the time, against her own herd by attacking them and destroying their mounds, which gave the latter Dozeratops a long-lasting hatred of the T-Trux. He is cold, ruthless, and doesn't like to fail or share but loves to smash things, as shown in episode one and onwards. He is always bullying Skrap-It, who is one of the Scraptools that works for him and trying to destroy Ty and the other Dinotrux. Though he does seem to be otherwise fairly tolerant of Skrap-It.

D-Structs offical poster

D-Structs offical poster


  • D-Struct is a powerful T-Trux with heritage for his species, he considers Ty's heroics give all T-Trux a bad name.
  • Season 2, he has a buzzsaw on his tail in one episode and gain a grappling claw hook on his tail.
  • Season 3, he builds a destructive team with Blayde, Splitter and Pounder the Pounders
  • D-structs may be actually softening up as when he helped ty and his friends defeat the dreadtrux even though he hates them

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