D-Structs offical poster

D-Structs's official poster.

D-Structs is a black and grey T-Trux and the younger brother of D-Stroy who hates Ty Rux and his friends among other things such as Dragonflopters. Before he met Ty, he and his older brother attacked a small group of Hydrodons in a canyon ambush which resulted in the twin T-Trux being separated and D-Stroy being injured and was responsible for turning Blayde, who was Dozer's best friend at the time against her own herd by attacking them and destroying their mounds, which gave the latter Dozeratops a long-lasting hatred of the T-Trux.


He is cold, ruthless, devious, cruel, vicious and vindictive and doesn't like to fail or share but loves to smash things as shown in episode one and onwards. He is always bullying Skrap-It, who is one of the Scraptools that works for him, though he does seem to be otherwise fairly tolerant of Skrap-It and also trying to destroy Ty and the other Dinotrux. He will do virtually anything to get rid of his rivals. He is fairly clever but not as clever as his brother and more rash and impatient.


  • D-Structs is a powerful T-Trux with a notable regard for the heritage of his species, as he considers that Ty's heroics give all T-Trux a bad name.
  • In Season 1, he has differences compared to Season 2 and the rest of the series, though these are just minor head details, and he has police siren-like lights he lacks in the other seasons (but these can be seen in Supercharged episode 1 albeit with blue colors).
    • However, starting from Season 2 his model is same as Season 1 and after that his model changes; his tail is different he lacks the spinning lights and has a saw-like wheel underneath his chin (a difference is that his Season 1 model had a cogwheel), his pistons also move as well.(a difference that his season 1 model pistons don't move), his eyes also got bigger, he also looks dirtier than his season 1 model.
  • Initially, he had a wrecking ball tail similar to Ty's, though it was spiked. However, in Season 2, he had a small saw blade on his tail until he replaced it with a grappling hook-like claw.
  • In the last episode before the beginning of Season 4, he brought together a destructive team with Blayde, Splitter and a Poundersaurolophus.
    • However, D-Structs's crew was banished from the crater, leaving D-Structs alone with Skrap-It again and wanting revenge.
    • It is noticeable that his older brother D-Stroy is smarter, stronger and more strategic than he is in comparison.