A trio of Craneosaurs.

Craneosaurs are a species of Dinotrux. They are the second tallest Dinotrux recorded so far, and use their crane heads and conveyor belt backs, tails and necks to lift and move large objects.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Craneosaurs are quadrupedal Dinotrux with four large treads to drive on. They have long necks with small crested heads at the top. The heads of females are tall and sleek, which was originally used for all craneosaurs until season 2, where the males got shorter blockier head that looked more elderly. Inside their mouth is a hooked crane, and they have a slightly shorter tail that almost reaches the ground. Along their back is a series of conveyor belts they can run in either direction, though damage to this feature can cause it to produce an ear-splitting squeaking and screeching sound. They are usually a shade of orange. Young ones are generally smaller.


Craneosaurs usually live in herds and carry objects around with them. Some are afraid of T-Trux and Pounders, although some are still willing to stand up to them. According to Ty and Skya, they normally hide their ore on the tops of cliffs to avoid others getting it, a fact which the latter finds embarassing.

Notable CraneosaursEdit


Ty talks with Craneosaurs herd leaders

Ty talking with the Craneosaur herd leaders.

Craneosaurs herd leaders

A trio of Craneosaur herd leaders.