Note: if this wiki does not take fan concepts i will not be sad if this is deleted!

Biology: Bronchialoaders are said to have been developed years and years ago when 2 herds of craneasaur and dozeratops lived together. they adapted to eachothers ways and began to apply parts to themselves. the next generations began to have those parts. soon it was so advanced that it ended up being somewhat smaller craneasaurs and strong jaws with excavator shovel like tails.

Model: About 60 ft tall. underbite like a T-Trux and a long hydraulic held neck (not able to contract) and a long tail, longer then a craneasaurs tail. most of the time a warm color.

Diet: Ore

Machine origins: Large mining excavators

Extra: Do not fear t-trux, "Praise" reptools, Decent fighters